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CA FINAL SFM Regular Video Lectures By CA Aaditya Jain in Hindi-English

The given fees are inclusive of All printed books(16 Books, Books Worth Rs.-9000/-)


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Kit Contents Video Lectures + Hard Copy Book (9 SFM &  7 RM Volumes of Books)
Total Views 1.5 Views (Time Base with unlimited Click)
Lecture Duration 300 Hrs (SFM) & 104 Hrs (RM)
Course Coverage 1000+ Concepts, 1000+ Practical Question, Live stock Market Training
Batch Recording Fully Updated (100% FREE AMENDMENT SUPPORT LIFETIME)
Number of Lectures 111 (SFM) & 38 (RM) +  Free Stock Market &  Revision Class + One Day Marathon + Weekly Live Session
Mode Google Drive or Pen Drive
Validity 3 Years from the date of activation
Video Language Hindi-English
Study Material Language English
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Order Processing Time Maximum 7 Days from the Date of Order
Technical Support Call – 8285555789  (10 AM – 06 PM, Mon-Sat)
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Terms Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in the laptop only, the system cannot be changed due to any reason. If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop

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  1. ADITYA JAIN Sir is just an awesome faculty, frankly SFM is very dangerous subject. But sir’s technique of teaching in pratical way really helped me a lot in memorising every concepts very easily.. Also motivational lecture from sir is really motivational which helped to score not only in SFM but also in other subjects THANK YOU SIR”

  2. Best Teacher for SFM & RM …..He also gives stock market knowledge in his lectures which helps in entring stock Market

  3. He clears all the concept of sfm and the most important he show you stock market practicals which help you to learn and earn.

  4. CA Aaditya Jain Sir is Best faculty for CA Final SFM

  5. CA Aditya Jain Sir is the most qualified teacher in CA Industry. Sir use to give real-life examples and his practical approach so the student can also understand the CA Final SFM subject properly.

  6. Aaditya Jain sir tries his best to make his students capable of achieving great marks. He practiced all the questions in class.

  7. Sir, always clears all the concepts of the subjects he teaches. I took all the classes related to finance from him. I enjoyed very much while taking classes. I always been excited for classes everyday. No doubt he is the best teacher for CA Final SFM and Risk Management.

  8. great personality and ideal teacher. I watch the lectures, I am very satisfied and motivated. I definitely get great marks in exam. thank you sir for motivating us to get good marks.

  9. Aditya Sir use to give real-life examples and his practical approach in the classroom so the student can also understand the SFM subject properly. He made the stock market look so easy for those who had the knowledge of fundamentals. Also provides Formula book (Chalisa) very useful at the exam time.

  10. Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for SFM and RM. He is my role model. His class motivates me to go to make carrier in finance. He talks about Stock Market in his classes.

  11. His teaching style is 100 % practical Approach. any concept visualizes for us very easy. His notes are self develop and examples.

  12. CA Aaditya Jain sir is the top faculty of SFM and RM. he focused on concept clarity for students. at the time of the exam, it’s very to revise your complete syllabus in a short time and his Chalisa book (Formula) and Theory Book also help you to revise the syllabus. In the lectures, you will see his hard work and dedication.

  13. I took Aaditya sir’s classes after one of my friend suggested, I started the classes and after one or two classes, I started looking interesting. He teaches with practicle approach. And giving examples related to real life while explaining concepts is must.

  14. CA Aaditya Jain sir is excellent and knowledgeable teacher. He provided me with the foundation for growth and success. The teaching is very practical and concept-oriented.

  15. SFM is the only class that I enjoyed while grabbing the concepts and knowledge. Aaditya sir always makes things very easy to understand. That’s why he is my favorite teacher. This combo is worth it.

  16. CA Aaditya Jain Sir is a very renowned faculty. he has more than 15 years of experience. he gives the best knowledge of finance to the student with stock market tips. he covers 100% syllabus with practical approach.

  17. CA Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher. He provides the best practical oriented classes and also a summary book called SFM Chalisa. it’s very helpful for exam preparation. He has a fascinating personality in the teaching world.

  18. The classes were amazing, I really enjoyed while learning with Aaditya sir. His habit of giving examples relating to real-life and giving knowledge about Real life stock market is the best part of his classes. I grab a lot of interesting concepts.

  19. His notes are short and self-explanatory. They are the best for Last Day Revision before the exam. His book is also comprehensive in terms of question coverage.

  20. CA final SFM and elective paper Risk Management can not be teach better by other than CA Aaditya Jain sir.

  21. Aaditya Jain Sir classes are totally practical oriented and he covers syllabus completely no need to refer to ICAI mat all and every thing already incorporated in Sir’s book.

  22. Aaditya Jain sir is the best faculty for CA final SFM.

  23. His teaching method, notes and material are awesome. Apart from classes he inspired students with his quotes & guides towards finance career with practical stock market knowledge.

  24. He has made finance very interesting for his students. The way he explains SFM very practically is amazing. His many students have scored very good marks in SFM under his guidance.

  25. Aditya Jain Sir always motivates his students to work hard. Aditya Jain sir gives equal focus on theory and practical parts. sir’s books are updated and the most recommended books for self-study and his homework videos are very helpful.

  26. For CA final SFM and RM, I’d recommend you to go with Aaditya Jain sir. He is considered to be the best teacher for Finance in CA industry.

  27. Your team is the best team, your guidance for the stock market and classes helps a lot. Also, we got to learn and earn simultaneously. Your stock market classes are awesome, thank you so much, sir.

  28. The quality of the class material was excellent and easy to follow. The teacher is knowledgeable and approachable. Response from the teacher was immediate and helpful.

  29. Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for both subjects, CA final SFM and RM as well.

  30. I got to know about Aaditya Jain sir from my friends. I think the conceptual clarity is the most important thing while studying & he provides it which in turn makes things simple. Undoubtebly the best faculty for SFM and RM

  31. CA Aditya jain sir is considered to be the best teacher for the CA Final SFM and RM. He teaches in a very unique way by giving both theoretical and practical knowledge at same time.

  32. Aaditya Jain Sir is the best teacher for SFM and RM. He has his own way of teaching that will provide conceptual clarity and the real life examples make the class more interesting. Highly recommend as it will help to clear the exams with wonderful marks in exam.

  33. I must say, Aaditya Jain sir way of teaching unbeatable. Even a fresher can become a expert in Finance.Highly Recommended for SFM and RM

  34. Aaditya Sir is best for SFM & FM after his class i have no doubt regarding any concept

  35. Aaditya Jain Sir is best for SFM and RM . Sir’s materials are also too good .

  36. Aaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for SFM.He explains all the concepts in such a depth that you will fall in love with the subject.

  37. Aditya Jain sir is best teacher in India for SFM subject. Highly recommended If you are intended to clear in first attempt.

  38. Best Teacher for SFM & RM …..He also gives stock market knowledge in his lectures which helps in entering stock Market.

  39. The best faculty for CA Final SFM and RM is one and only Aaditya Jain Sir.

  40. I have been told by my friends that study under his guidance , I can pass the subject with high marks. Its great to know that this teacher didnt let my expectation goes down. Best for SFM and RM

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