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Kit Contents Video Lectures + 1 Soft Copy Book
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Lecture Duration 15 Hrs (Approx)
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Batch Recording 2020
Number of Lectures 14
Mode Soft Copy
Validity 3 Months from the date of activation
Video Language Hindi-English
Study Material Language English
Documents Required Students will have to submit the following self-attested photocopy documents:
Aadhar card both sides
PAN (If not applied or do not possess then ignore)
Video not required
Email Documents:
NOTE: Classes will be activated within the 24th working Hr. after all documents are received.
Doubt Solving Through Mails-
Technical Support Call – 8285555789 / 8384041338 (10 AM – 06 PM, Mon-Sat)
Email –
Courier Contact Through Mails-
Faculty Name CA Saksham Agarwal


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System Requirements

Runs On Windows Laptop
Configuration Required
  • Windows – 7, 8 and 10
  • Ram – 4GB (Mandatory)
  • Processor – If (i3/i5/i7) Sharable Memory Above 500MB
  • Other – Graphic card 1GB Mon. (Mandatory)




  3. You can get the video lectures from his centre or online. You will get a Pen drive along with the required materials and stuff. it is very really useful for me as in those classes I learn from a very basic level through which I am making some good money.

  4. Super explanation, easy to understand, video timing duration, video & sound quality so good, overall great experience

  5. Bestest teacher with great concepts
    He will not teach but turn you into a great person out of you

  6. Teaching techniques of sir is very unique with lots of practical exposure
    Enjoying the way of teaching with conceptual clarity😍

  7. Best Price Action Classes – Through it , i learn how to take position in Stock Market

  8. Easy Explained all the topics on which I was in doubt.
    Your classes are best option to learn concepts about stock market.

  9. Stock market trading made interesting and easy by CA Aaditya Jain. He develops the skills of students by doing live trading in the class.

  10. CA Aaditya Jain had started the trend of Investing in the stock market. He always tells his students that what is the contribution we can make to the country’s Economy by Investing.

  11. Sir always make study very interesting and help us in achieving great marks in exams. He is really a great teacher in the finance market.

  12. Easy way to explain a difficult thing, easy to understand. It was a great experience with Aaditya sir this time also as always. He helps me to increase my knowledge. Thank you, sir.

  13. His teaching approach is totally different from other faculties. He inspires his students for taking up finance as a career. He also woke students up and tell them about other finance opportunities.

  14. His stock market provides you with stock market-related knowledge which is useful for earning in the stock market as well as enhances your skills in your finance related jobs like investment banking etc. due to practical knowledge of the stock market.

  15. Classes had many out-of-the-box things. He teaches every aspect of any concept. I came to know about so many things after connecting with him.

  16. All the technical concepts have been kept in my mind.
    Really a man can think of following his dream of being a professional trader under his mentorship.

  17. I am very lucky to have a chance of having classes from Aaditya Jain sir. He made his students knowledgeable.
    His students are more worthy in the market than anyone else.

  18. Aditya Jain is famous for giving practical training on the share market. And after taking his classes, I really feel that he has extreme knowledge of the stock market.

  19. I started feeling amaze with the very first lecture. He has a lot of vast knowledge in stock market like he lives there. I learnt a lot of very new concepts after taking is classes. I gained so much confidence in trading.

  20. Easily clearing the concepts everyone stuck on with. The batch was a full of new experiences and knowledge. We would always be very grateful to you for giving us undoubtable knowledge about technical analysis.

  21. You will definitely love share market and get enlightened about finance as a career after completing these lectures.

  22. He teaches every aspect of any concept. This gives an in-depth review of each chart that’s there and also its relation to the price as well as the volume. This might help you. His stock market classes provide you with stock market-related knowledge which is useful for earning in the stock market.

  23. Concepts of technical analysis were very difficult to understand as they require some skepticism. But When I took his classes, first thing I want to tell is that I enjoyed a lot during these technical classes. Second, all the important concepts and topics have been made easy by him.

  24. his class is very Satisfactory and interesting. he is very young and knowledgeable. thank you sir for useful knowledge

  25. Thank you sir for your great knowledge share with us. your teaching is very useful to me.

  26. We would always be very grateful to you for giving us undoubtable knowledge about technical analysis. Easily clearing the concepts everyone stuck on with. The batch was a full of new experiences and knowledge. Thank you sir for bringing this knowledge to us.

  27. Aaditya jain sir is the best teacher for CA Final SFM. He teaches in a very unique manner so that all the students got the concepts taught by him in class. He is always ready to clear our doubts.

  28. He is very practical when it comes to concept teaching and the material he provides covers most of the exam portion. I feel very grateful that I chose to take classes from sir and it has been very fruitful for me as I cleared my exam with an exemption in the first attempt itself.

  29. Sir always focuses on quality of education. He try to give his precious knowledge to students that he grasp over years in this service of teaching. He is very clear about his objectives which is giving practical knowledge to students.

  30. Easy way to explain a difficult thing, easy to understand. It was a great experience with Aaditya sir this time also as always.
    He helps me to increase my knowledge. Thank you, sir.

  31. Sir totally teaches with a perfect concept line. Make things very clear when it comes to any doubt in our minds. He is great at explaining the topics. For me, He is the perfect teacher in terms of conceptual clarity.

  32. Thanks to Aaditya sir for your timely guidance and continuous support. Their constant encouragement made me feel that I was indeed capable of achieving something. Proud to be associated with the best faculty for CA with the stock market classes. Thank You.

  33. These are the Best Classes to Learn Technical Analysis

  34. Aaditya Jain sir is the gateway to ” Stock Market and Investment Banking Career”. If someone wants to pursue Finance as a Career then the best faculty in finance in India is “Aditya Jain Sir”.

  35. A lot of new things came to my knowledge after taking his batch. All the doubts have vanished from my mind. The lectures were very interesting and full of knowledge. Sir has god-gifted explaining skills or he must work hard to get these precious skills.

  36. Sir, You made the stock market easy for everyone. Your nominal cost classes gain people millions of rupee. You really spread the real meaning of financial independence.

  37. Aaditya sir’s knowledge is spreading all over the country. It was next to impossible before Aaditya sir to have that much knowledge under one roof. But the information and knowledge Aditya sir has is unbelievable.

  38. If you all are thinking to grow your finance-related knowledge, then without any doubt, choose only and only Aditya Sir.
    Aditya Jain sir is the best teacher in Finance Field. His conceptual clarification and conceptual notes are best for revision purpose.

  39. He is a knowledgeable and experienced person. He concludes the class with a revision of the concepts covered. He covers the topic systematically until everyone understands it without dragging it. He solves many questions in a concept until everyone understands it. He spends extra time clearing doubts both before and after classes.

  40. His way of teaching makes him unique. Sir’s teaching style is entirely different from any other teachers as he doesn’t teach only from the exam point of view but also from tackling corporate conditions.

  41. Aaditya Jain sir is a very talented teacher for finance, He teach in such a way that even an average student is able to pass the exams after taking the exams.

  42. classes of sir are very interesting and providing us the knowledge written into books and prevailing in the market. Aaditya Jain sir is surely the best teacher for finance.

  43. His classes are really worth it. His teaching approach is totally different from other faculties. His classes are always preferred ones since he teaches the shortcuts, important techniques, and various ways of solving the problem.

  44. Great initiative to teach students the concepts along with the practical knowledge. After attending the lectures one will feel motivated to invest in the stock market.

  45. Aaditya Jain sir is known as a finance guru. When it comes to the best teacher of stock market, I’d not recommend you other than Aaditya jain sir.

  46. The best teacher for stock market is not other than Aaditya jain sir.

  47. The way Aaditya Sir teaches stock market is the best and most effective way of teaching.

  48. Every student take interest in learning with the help of that way of teaching.

  49. The only best teacher to learn stock market Price action trading.
    I’ve take his lectures and literally, As per my personal experience these are the best and most satisfactory lectures for stock market.

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