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CA Inter FM & Eco For Finance Regular Video Lectures By CA Aaditya Jain in Hindi-English

The given fees are inclusive of All printed books(4 Books, Books Worth Rs.-2500/-)


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Kit Contents Video Lectures + Hard Copy Book (4 Volumes of Books)
Total Views 1.5 Views (Time Base with unlimited Click)
Lecture Duration 130 Hrs
Course Coverage 1000+ Concepts, 1000+ Practical Question, Live stock Market Training
Batch Recording 2021 (including all Amendment)
Number of Lectures 58 (FM) +  Free Stock Market + Free 5 Mock Test Paper
Mode Google Drive with Pen Drive
Validity 3 Years from the date of activation
Video Language Hindi-English
Study Material Language English
Documents Required Find The Details Here
Doubt Solving Through Mails-
Order Processing Time Maximum 7 Days from the Date of Order
Technical Support Call – 8285555789 / 8384041338 (10 AM – 06 PM, Mon-Sat)
Email –
Courier Contact Through Mails-
Terms Once you have installed the Pen Drive Setup in the laptop only, the system cannot be changed due to any reason.If you do so we can’t help you to shift the lectures in another Laptop

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System Requirements

Runs On Windows Laptop
Configuration Required
  • Windows – 8.1, 10 (Updated)
  • Ram – 4GB (Mandatory)
  • Processor – If (i3/i5/i7) Sharable Memory Above 500MB

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  1. Aditya Jain Sir is the best teacher for CMA inter FM. His notes are short and self explanatory. They are the best for Last Day Revision before exam. His book is also comprehensive in terms of question coverage. He is available to the students via Telegram and mail. personally feel Aditya sir’s classes are best for FM his detail analysis of subject and vast explanation on each topic will clear all your concepts.

  2. He will make the subject high scoring and also help students to build a career in Investment Banking & Stock Market. I experience well-versed classes even being in pen drive mode and feel. Even the doubt is fully handled and made clear.

  3. I am thankful to Aditya sir who gave me this opportunity to learn from India’s best faculty for SFM. aditya jain sir is the best teacher for no one can beat him…

  4. “Aditya Jain Sir” is considered to be best CMA inter FM Faculty. I am currently taking his classes and highly satisfied. Recently his students Secured AIR-1 & 100 out of 100 marks in CA Final SFM.

  5. Aditya Jain sir you are awesome, You boost our spirit and you made me feel yes I can achieve it. Truly a great teacher and a motivator. I will suggest everybody to join your class. “

  6. Best SFM Faculty and all lectures are 100% doubt free. I am really glad sir that i have taken class from you. sir all lectures are 100% doubt free and flow of positive energy takes place in my body just because of Aaditya Jain Sir. Thank you so much sir

  7. Aaditya jain sir is the best. he is great mentor, motivator and teacher.

  8. Other than going into the basics the thing I like most in him is that you can actually feel he’s visibly working hard to teach you, he uses innumerable number of examples to explain trickiest of the topics. His way of teaching you is so lively that you feel the lecture should go on and on.

    Bonus: His sense of humor is just brilliant

  9. CA Aaditya Jain sir is the best for CMA INTER FM. His Concept Wise Approach with the practical linkage of every concept makes FM a real cakewalk. Also, Study Material provided by them is too exhaustive that you need not refer to any book for any concept. He inspires his students for taking up finance as a career by making them aware of many finance courses and career opportunities. His classes are really worth it.

  10. He is too good at making the concepts as clear as possible, which helped me in scoring good marks in FM

  11. Aditya jain sir is good for cma inter fm, no boaring class ..always given motivation in class

  12. Aditya Jain sir has a very deep knowledge about the subject and his practical approach towards the subject helps understand the concepts very easily.

  13. The best teacher for CMA inter FM is Aditya Jain sir…all concepts are easily understandable.

  14. Awesome teaching skills with no match…..complete practical learning

  15. One word for AADITYA JAIN sir, you are the best teacher of FM……

  16. Thanks a lot sir for your Blessings, Guidance and motivation ,
    I am lucky to have mentor like you in my professional journey…
    These are life time memories…

  17. I had been growing up by listening that Aaditya Jain sir is said to be guru of Finance.
    After taking his classes, I found that he is really the best teacher of finance.

  18. CA Aaditya Jain is full of intensity and valuable knowledge. He always gives his students his best.
    His aim is to make his students that person which stand alone in the crowd.

  19. For Finance, Aaditya jain sir must be the first choice. He is an expert in this field. Always be on top when anybody tasks about FM or SFM.

  20. CMA INTER FM is a practical subject and he teaches practically this subject.
    His notes are excellent and easy to revise at the time of the exam. He puts all his efforts into making students valuable in the market.

  21. I just wanted to thank Aaditya sir, Thanks for their teaching, dedication and blessings. A divine place that gives the students self-confidence, sir is very good and extremely passionate in teaching.

  22. I just wanted to thank Aaditya Jain sir, He teaches in a unique way and his notes become a treasure during exam time. Seriously, One must go for him at least once.

  23. Aaditya Jain Sir is actually really great at what he does. He explains every concept with clarity and depth, relating it to practical life yet confining it as per the exam. He introduced us to a career in Finance.

  24. Aaditya Jain Sir’s teaching approach is totally different from other faculties. His books cover everything and have a vast variety of questions. Don’t need to look at any other book. Also, Study Materials provided by him are too exhaustive that you need not refer to any book for any concept. His classes are really worth it.

  25. Aaditya Jain sir is the hope of ray. You will enjoy his classes. His teaching style makes him extraordinary. He teaches with practical approach.

  26. Aaditya jain sir is called the god of finance in India just becasue of CMA Inter FM.
    He teaches in the way which is very easily uunderstandable by the students.

  27. There is no doubt left in my mind after taking his classes, he is the most talented and knowledgeable teacher in CA Industry. He teaches with his full dedication.

  28. The best teacher for CMA INTER FM is CA Aaditya Jain sir. his teaching style is very elaborate and practical. He covers each and every concept of the study material and everything comes in exams out of his books.

  29. I have taken classes with him during my course. All queries are cleared before any questions come to your mind. His unique approach helps to understand the concept. sir teaches was extremely interesting and concepts were soo good in understanding.

  30. Aaditya Jain sir is really a gift to the CA Industry. His teaching skills improve the student’s knowledge. He does everything to make his students proud. His knowledge makes the students very knowledgeable, productive, and efficient in work done. His students are the worthy ones in the market.

  31. Aaditya Jain sir is awesome faculty. I want to thank sir. he gives me an understanding of all the concepts after taking classes. He gives practical knowledge as well as he is an exam-oriented teacher.

  32. For CMA inter FM, There is not better teacher other than CA Aaditya jain sir.

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