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Rojita Ghimire

I feel very blessed to take ur classes. Don’t want to degrade anyl but just want to share with u as when took from sir in old course there was no practical learning at all nd never thought of career in SFM. SFM was still used to be fear for me. But u r among d best teachers of my lyf u teaches us from scratch ( maths also) nd those motivation lectures nd quotes in d begining r d greatest part of classes at subject level nd in lyf also.

Aniket Gupta

Aniket Gupta

Sir I have taken your lectures for Final CA SFM And sir now I just reach to 25th lectures..but sir your teaching technique is awesome…and I regularly watch 1.5 lectures in day due to shortage of time for my attempt…but sir this 3.30 hrs of each lecture just give me positive thinking and motivate me to get above 80 score in this subject… Generally students getting bore by doing study but this is subject that I use to get relax and your lectures act as energy booster for me to do more study… Keep it up sir

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Manoj Shah

CA Aaditya Jain Sir is the best teacher out there when it comes to SFM. After a long time, I finally met a teacher that focuses more on conceptual training and strengthening the concepts rather than cramming. There are hundreds of formulas in CA Final SFM and it would have been impossible to memorise them without knowing the logic behind them which is very well explained by Sir. I am very grateful that I attended Sir’s classes and cleared my SFM paper with an exemption in the first attempt. Thankyou Sir!!

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Harkiran Kaur

Being an outsider, getting used to the Indian education system was tricky in the beginning. The Indian Stock Market works very differently than I had seen elsewhere. But taking up classes from CA Aaditya Jain Sir proved to be the best decision of my life so far. I shall always be indebted to you sir for imparting your wisdom to me. Thank you!

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Amit Sharma

Aaditya Jain Sir, you are the best. I never imagined that learning could be so much fun and that too in CA Final. The course is very wide and seems like it cannot be completed just before the exam. But with your guidance and techniques, it became a lot easier. Thank you, sir, for everything

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Aditya sir is one of those teachers who had changed my life. SFM classes are my life turning point. After attending that classes my interest in finance feel now on top and I decided to make my career in a mutual fund. Always need your blessing sir. Thank you for your guidance and motivation, sir.

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We feel proud ourselves to become a student of yours!! on each step of success we miss you, sir!! Even I got an accident in CA Final exam just because of your teaching concept I got more than exemption… I was unable to appear in the exam but I have 1 strong subject that motivates me to clear the exam.


SFM & NCFM (100/100)
AIR 1 Ranks