Who is the best CA final faculty in SFM with stock market knowledge?

CA Aaditya Jain Sir

He is not only called the God of SFM but is also renowned as Guru of Finance.

Aditya Jain sir is the best among all the teachers of CA final SFM because he does not only focus on solving questions but also on having practical knowledge. He gives practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge of the stock market and other related concepts which give better conceptual clarity. His classes are totally based on the practical market. And when you do practical you understand the theory better.

Aaditya Jian Sir already runs his own CENTRE in most of the big cities in India.

His multi-faceted class notes and wide range of questions in the book make SFM a real pleasure to learn.

Aditya Jain Classes is the best class in India. He helped students to prioritize what was important in life and professionally.

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