All About CA Aaditya Jain and his Achievements | Best CA CMA Final AFM SFM Teacher

All About CA Aaditya Jain and his Achievement 

Chartered accountant Aditya Jain is the stock market expert. He is only known as “The Finance Guru” among the students. He is the only teacher who focuses on conceptual training or strengthening the concepts rather than jamming. He always starts his classes with some motivating line or quote which is helpful in the subjects and in life also. His in-depth and vast knowledge of the subjects amazes everyone, everyone gets attracted by his way of teaching. His classes are not only focused on exams but it also focuses on the career of the aspirants.

Abroad aspirants also take classes from him. Being an outsider, it is difficult to get used to the Indian education system. It’s very tricky as the Indian stock market is completely different from other countries. Also, the courses are so vast and difficult, but with his techniques and motivation, it becomes easier and it can be completed within the time as the lectures are available on the site. It can be watched anytime.

When it comes to SFM, Chartered accountant Aditya Jain is one of the fabulous teachers for CA Final Strategic Financial Management. Many aspirants have fear from SFM but his SFM classes will be the life turning point for you. After attending these classes, your interest in finance will be on top and even you can make your career in mutual funds. Generally, students get bored of this subject but his lecture will be an energy booster for you to study. He also teaches CA Fraternity for FM Eco classes, CMA Final SFM, CA Intermediate, CA Final, CA Final Elective, CMA Intermediate, CMA Final, Advanced Financial Management and Financial Management.

Educational Qualification:

  • He is a qualified Chartered accountant, he has vast knowledge in finance.
  • He had completed Management of Business Administration (MBA) in finance.
  • He also completed a Master of Financial Analysis which allows an individual to apply for financial exams.
  • He also opted for NCFM certification. It is granted by NSE Academy which is the proof of the person’s skills and his/her good knowledge about the financial markets.
  • He also pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, B.Com.
  • He completed a Master’s degree in Commerce, M.Com.

Currently, he is teaching CA, CMA Final & CA, CMA, and many more all over India. He has experience of about 15 years in teaching. He is the first preference of CA aspirants.


  • The students studying CA Aditya Jain classes are scoring 90+ marks and are becoming rank holders
  • The students are getting places in very well-known companies with high salary packages.
  • Some of the rank holders of Aditya Jain classes are Surbhi Agarwal, Dimpy Jindal, Mohit Gupta, Shruti Goyal, Mridu Garg, Robin Singla, Puneeta Goyal, Yogita Gandhi, Aditya Mittal, Mohit Agarwal, Shivangi Patni, Pranav Goyal, Vinay Singh, Shubham Agarwal and many more.
  • Students are getting a 50000+ stipend in articles.


More about Aditya Jain and His Classes:

Aditya Jain classes provide practical knowledge and in-depth understanding to the students. They help the students to choose their careers wisely, and the result of the Aditya jain classes are always ranked top in the country. They guide the students in such a way, which makes it easier for them to crack one of India’s most difficult test. They provide students with the proper instructions and handwritten notes which helps them to prepare for the exam. Aditya Jain classes are much more convenient and flexible because if the student misses any lecture, they can easily go through the recorded classes which are easily available on the platform of Aditya Jain classes

  • CA Aditya Jain will always be energetic and he works on all the students not just on toppers. He provides superb notes for helping the students.
  • He sorts out all the doubts of the students, no matter how much time it takes.
  • Because of his best teaching talent, he became well-known among CA aspirants.
  • He always cheers up every speaker with his motivational and excellent speech.
  • Because of his unique and easily understandable techniques of teaching, he has become “The Financial Guru” for the CA aspirants.
  • He helped students for developing their passion of studies inside themselves.
  • His work and dedication helped him in building his career. He is like a role model for CA aspirants.

His classes are also available for delivery in a pen drive or Google drive. He is the only faculty who connects theoretical learning and practical stock market very well. It’s important to grab practical knowledge as it involves borrowing, selling, trading, investing, and lending which allows us to plan for our future and he was doing the same. He worked with dedication so that his students could grab the practical knowledge and understand the concept. He gave a lot of questions to the students for practice.

One of his students scored 100 out of 100 in Strategic and Financial Management (SFM). His name is Aditya Mitthal. He put all his efforts into the subject and studied everything under the guidance of CA Aditya Jain. All India Rank 3 Mansi Agarwal got 76.63%. She got 613 marks out of 800 marks. She also took classes from CA Aditya Jain. He knows English, Hindi, and Bengali. Generally, he teaches in Hindi but as he is too dedicated to his students, if necessary he also teaches in English. For him, teaching in English is a must as many South Indian students want to follow him and even many foreign countries students are following him. According to him, a student should dream big which is out of their potential. If they have big dreams or ideas then only they can achieve them, otherwise, if you don’t know what big exists then how can you work upon it? Because everything that we see now was a dream for someone at that time.

He works with his one main motto, which is “Learn more, Earn more”. He guides and motivates his students with this motto. He also said, “To have success over anything, you have to become passionate about that thing.”


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