Is SFM paper really that much tough? What strategies one should adopted to clear SFM paper?

NO, CA Final SFM subject is not that much difficult. CA Aaditya Jain classes helped so many students for clearing their exams
Here are some of the strategies by Aaditya Jain Sir for his students

• SFM should be constantly practiced. It’s better to allocate an hour a day for SFM than to finish it at a stretch.

• More than memorizing a few formulae make sure to know the different formulae which exist for the same problem.

• SFM is rarely lengthy, so take your time solving problems in exams. But don’t leave anything midway hoping to come back later

• Theory portion can be prepared on daily basis. Recommend to study at least one hour daily.

• SFM, the question paper is purely practical. Therefore, you have to practice solving a good number of questions on each topic.

Try to solve each problem on your own (by yourself), in spite of just auditing the solution from a notebook or study material. So, Do practice on a regular basis. Don’t refer to solutions from your notebook or anywhere else.

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