How can an aspirant Clear CA exams in first attempt?

“To have success over anything, you have to become passionate about that thing.” Mr. Aaditya Jain once said. He is one of the best faculty for finance subjects in CA courses. He hereby gives some effective tips that help to clear the CA exam in the first attempt

Expand your scope of the study
Mr. Aaditya Jain always says in his class that the CA examination is like a sea that has to be explored before diving deep into it. It is impossible to crack the exam by studying the topics selectively. It is mandatory to study and thorough every single topic of the entire syllabus. This would not just help in clearing the exam but serve as a backup knowledge bank throughout one’s career.

Revise the portions religiously
One of the best step to do before starting to study a new topic, it is important to review the old ones and ensure that the concepts are pretty clear. Revising the entire syllabus at least twice thrice before appearing for the examinations will reflect pretty well on the examination results. Revisions should include mandatory solving of problems and practicing with previous years’ question papers.

Refrain from the virtual world as much as possible
The CA aspirants should make it a point that they use the internet only for their studies and not to waste time on social media. The internet helps in several ways for exam preparations. Students can use it to download solved question papers, notes, mock tests, etc., but not waste time on it by playing games or by indulging in social media.

Indulge in a minimum of 12 hours of effective study
To crack the exam in its very first attempt, students have to indulge in a minimum of 12 hours of effective study a day. By 12 hours of effective study, we mean the time spent on studies effectively with sincere efforts. This way, it will be possible to cover all the topics with ample time for revision and mock tests.

Make a wise schedule to succeed
A thing that is well planned is well accomplished. It is important to frame and follow a strict schedule while preparing for the CA exams. The timetable should be planned wisely offering equal weightage to all the topics in the syllabus. There should be provisions for rest periods, mock tests, and time to practice the previous year’s question papers. There are several such timetables available online for students to download, or they can frame their timetable as well, according to their convenience.

Keep in touch with the theory subjects
It is important to revise the theory subjects periodically as there is a huge volume of topics to be revised and they demand repeated recollection regularly. The majority of the aspirants concentrate much on problems to solve and neglect the importance of these theory topics. It is important to stick to their time plan and revise the topics according to the schedule.

Work on exam presentation skills
Unlike other competitive examinations, the Chartered Accountancy exams demand the aspirant to write short answers and essay-type questions. Thus, the aspirants need to work on enhancing the quality of their answers. This is one exam in which presentations play a key role, thus aspirants should work on improving their handwriting and make it a point to study regularly from practice manuals. This will show them the optimal way to enhance their presentation skills.

Club learning with practical exposure
Successful CA aspirants have always clubbed their theoretical studying with practical experiences by working in a financial firm. It not just learning all the rules and laws that make a person successful in the examination, it is knowing where to apply them that matters to shine in the CA final examination. Internships help in clearing difficult papers such as Direct Tax and Auditing, as per expert sources.

Staying positive
This is the fuel that strives the person to act from within. CA by nature is a tough exam and clearing it demands a lot of mental strength. It is important to strengthen the mind and thoughts with yoga and meditation and strengthen the body with healthy food and good sleep.

These are some of the proven ways to clear the CA examination in its first attempt. CA Aaditya Jain sir has lots of years of experience which will help thousands of students.

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