How do I Target 100 Marks in CA Final SFM? AIR 3 shares his secret on scoring 100 out of 100 marks in SFM.

“You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself” said Aditya Mittal when asked about scoring 100 out of 100 in SFM in CA Final Nov 2017 examinations.

During an interview with Aditya Mittal – All India Rank 3 following questions were asked:

Q- How did you prepare for SFM to get 100 out of 100?

I attended CA Aditya Jain’s classes and practiced questions from the study material of Aaditya Jain Sir.

Q- When did you plan to attend classes for SFM after clearing IPCC?

Interestingly, I planned to take my SFM Coaching just after my IPCC result as SFM is a practical subject and generally it has fewer amendments as compared to other subjects. Also, I would advise other students to start their studies/ classes as soon as possible, as the same will give you the advantage to complete classes on time.

Q- Did you face any difficulty as you took SFM class too early?

No, as sir’s Aaditya Jain Sir concepts plus notes are self-explanatory and can be easily recalled. Also, I used to revise concepts and sums, even after classes were completed. So that’s really important, once classes are over, you need to keep in touch with subjects and topics.

Q- How many times have you revised SFM?

I revised the whole syllabus probably 3 times. During revision, I referred to Aaditya Jain Sir’s class notes all the concepts were recalled very easily which we have done in classes.

Q- In SFM what material you preferred?

I preferred only Aaditya Sir’s books which I think to cover the whole ICAI study material plus the practice manual. So I never had to refer to ICAI study material specifically in the case of SFM.

Q- Every student tells that Forex and Derivative chapter is so confusing, then how did you got rid of that?

Yes, even I heard that, but I never felt that it was tough because I was lucky to get practical knowledge of the same and my basic concepts were cleared in class.

Q- What did you study a day before your SFM exam?

I referred to Aditya Jain Sir’s notes prepared during the class before the exam. I would advise students to prepare their own notes and refer only to them before exams.

Q- Tell me how you handled your SFM exam paper within the stipulated time?

After getting the question paper, I read the whole paper and I felt that I can do all the questions because at that time every concept was simply clicking on the mind which was done in class and that’s why I was able to solve all the questions. Another reason was I did practice all the sums 3-4 times by myself, that’s why it didn’t take time to think about the solution or its presentation.

Q- How did you manage that questions those that were not directly from the book?

Almost, every question asked in the exam was similar to what I studied in the class and one or two questions which were different were easy to solve with conceptual clarity.

Q- How did you manage your time during the preparation?

I tried to curtail wasting time on useless things, gave up all social networking sites. Divided the time into revision hours and fresh.

Q- What tips do you want to share with other CA Aspirants for achieving this success?

I would say – If you focus on the excitement of improving, exploring, and experimenting, your motivation will always be fueled. If you focus only on results, your motivation will be like weather – it will die the minute you hit a storm. So the key is to focus on the journey, not the destination.

Keep thinking about what you are learning along the way and what you can improve.

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