How to prepare for CA Final Elective Paper 6-B FSCM?

Cracking an open book examination requires clever preparation, for the sake of cracking the exams, Aaditya Jain sir has given below some tips that help you:

Understanding current business affairs are extremely important and could give you an edge over your competitors in terms of scoring

In a case study format – the problem statements could be real-world live examples of business scenarios. In such a situation, knowing where to look is as important as knowing what to look for

Go through and practice the existing case studies published on the ICAI website.

Make notes while learning each chapter, specifically decoding difficult areas. Indexing the material available and categorizing them into groups will help you locate content accurately and speedily.

How to score well in the FSCM exam

Here’s a step-by-step procedure to attempt the questions:

Step 1: Read and understand the case study properly and make a note of the topics and subtopics that it refers to

Step 2: Pay attention to the problem statement and figure out the bottlenecks

Step 3: Refer to the relevant topic and subtopics from your study material and books for anything including laws, sections, etc that you would need while solving the case study. Underline them for quick reference

Step 4: Answer multiple choice questions first

Step 5: Answer the other questions while maintaining your originality

•Since this is a huge market, you will have access to multiple manuals, books, and textbooks. Don’t get confused taking multiple books and end up getting overwhelmed. Choose a material at the beginning depending on your comfort and stick to it. ICAI study manuals are available for revision

•Mock test papers, revision test papers, and case studies are uploaded on the ICAI website. It is advisable that aspirants take the test paper completely, mimicking the actual exam scenario to understand which sections consume maximum time and alter their attempts accordingly.

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