How to study for CA Final Risk Management by Aaditya Jain ?

• Studying from multiple study materials will only create confusion and increase your burden. It is suggested that you choose the CA Aaditya Jain sir’s notes and book as a standard preparation source and complement it with lectures from professors.

• This subject is a bridge between theory and practice, so while studying, you will need to link theory to real-life business scenarios in order to derive proper conclusions and retain the concepts better, If you studied from Aaditya sir, it would be very easy.

• If you are having confusion what are the important parts of any particular topic, watch Aaditya Jain’s youtube videos for a better grip on the subject.

• Use Aaditya sir’s notes while learning each chapter, specifically decoding difficult parts. This will be your ready reckoner during revision.

• Some tips are evergreen–they apply to all–practicing mock tests and solved question papers will help you understand your level of preparation and improve confidence. Choosing Aaditya sir’s test series is best for you.

How to score well in CA Final Risk Management:

1. Risk management is a vast topic. Do not blindly learn theory without practical applications

2. Bring notes in the form of mind maps or concept maps. That way, you’ll see how different parts of the course connect.

3. Quoting real-life scenarios (staying abreast with current business examples) will prove your understanding of the topic and is a sure-shot scorer.

4. The presentation makes a real impression. While answering correctly is important, how you present it also matters. Structuring your answers into sections and highlighting important parts of the answer will create a good impression.

5. Since case-based questions will be asked, support your answer with facts, statements and then conclude by stating your views on the issue.


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