What exam tips help in scoring good marks?

While the style of the CA exams is absolutely distinguished from other courses, some study tips stand common for preparing for exams. CA Aaditya Jain list some common tips that you can apply to exam during your CA tenure and you are sure to score well:

A solid timetable
As the number of subjects grows and the depth of the syllabus – students do not understand how to map the entire syllabus. The answer is simple, start when there is ample time in hand. In fact, for each CA exam, experts recommend starting CA exam preparation keeping around 4-months in hand. Every day, try studying each paper for 2 courses. Going paper-wise won’t let you get over your CA exam syllabus.

No procrastination
As the time span of preparing for the CA exam is limited, do not procrastinate. Delay in one day’s study plan can hamper your entire CA study plan. So for the 3-4 months, you reserve to dedicate for CA exam preparation, make sure you only concentrate on the study part and live a healthy life, to avoid sickness or diseases. Committed preparation for the CA exam is sure to show brilliant results.

Refrain from recreation
Though all exam preparation usually leaves a little scope of entertainment like reading books or chatting with friends, CA literally cannot afford that. This is because of the toughness of the exam. If looked at the current statistics, in 2016 around 7500 qualified CA professionals graduated from ICAI out of almost 30,000. Hence to belong to the success category you got to make these minimal sacrifices.

Have faith and confidence
Students many times fail the CA exam because they don’t think in the positive direction. To clear the CA exam in the first go, you need to think and believe so. If you determine yourself to do so, you are sure to achieve it. Also, second-timers – take time to look back where you went wrong and give your CA exam preparation a better approach, you are sure to succeed.

Ray of hope
Alike any other normal individual you may feel like giving up amidst CA exam preparation. Do not give up. Just remember after all these efforts lie years of good work, recognition, and success. When you have chosen a course so long, how about loving every bit of it?

Go by the basics
The CA exam involves too many study materials, online videos, lectures, notes, books, and so on. You may wonder where and what to cover in the syllabus. Well, the answer is just gone by the basics, and make sure you are sure about that part. If you study over the top, the outcome might not pay off on the CA exam days. So, first, have a clear idea about the basics of all topics and then you can do advanced research on each of them.

Here is a listing of some CA reference books that help you in revising the syllabus easily
CA Final SFM – CA Aaditya Jain sir
CA Final FSCM – CA Aaditya Jain sir
CA Final Risk Management – CA Aaditya Jain sir

Linking exams and article ship
To apply practical knowledge of your article ship to the CA questions. The more your answers are fact verified and experience-based with clear understanding – the better will be your score in the CA exam.

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