What preparation can result in getting Amazing grades in CA Final SFM?

CA Final SFM aims to assist the students to develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and theories underlying financial management in a systematic way. CA Final SFM combines theory with practical applications. The subject discusses the theories, concepts, assumptions, and mechanics underlying financial decisions like investment, financing, and dividend.

Given the busy schedule of the CA students, it is important that they have a structured approach towards the preparation of CA Final SFM exams. For the benefit of CA Final Students, CA Aaditya Jain come forward and took the responsibility for great marks in exams. He suggests some important points take into consideration.

A good Starting Point is ICAI material

The institute provides very good quality study material and one should not ignore the same. But Aaditya sir covers all the topics in his class notes. So, Keep practicing his class notes in order to make yourself perfectly prepared for the subject.

Develop Conceptual Clarity on each topic

The institute tests the student’s ability to handle complex concepts bound within a limited time period of the exam hours. In order to handle the subject, it is imperative that the students have excellent conceptual clarity and rigorous practice in order to have a good command of the subject. It requires one to have a good balance between knowledge of the topics as well as mechanical handling of the subject from an exam point of view.

Practice questions involving multiple topics & Concepts

This is one of the most important and often ignored aspects of your preparation for CA Final Exams. SFM has a lot of mathematical and Statistical applications and hence writing practice of a variety of sums on a regular basis would lead to greater control and understanding of the subject. That’s why Aaditya sir does all the questions in the classroom.

Remember to revise before the exams.

As the portion is exhaustive and given the fact that CA Final Students have to write exams back to back it becomes important for one to spend a reasonable amount of time revising the subject before the exams. Choose Aaditya Jain’s books and class notes for revision purposes, and you don’t need to revise from other study materials.

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