What Qualities to Learn From a Chartered Accountant (CA) studies from CA Aaditya Jain, what makes them different from others?

Students studied from CA Aaditya Jain have special skills because of the practical knowledge they grab from Aaditya Jain. Precious knowledge obtained by them makes them valuable in the market. This is because, their teacher taught them so many things apart from bookish knowledge, not only for purpose of clearing the exams.

Some of the special qualities everyone should learn from CAs studied from CA Aaditya Jain


The first learning from those CAs should be teamwork. Even if later in life, you are in plan to make your own business or practice as an individual, no work is complete without contributions from others. Teamwork not only implies sharing the workspace but also, being in coordination with work pace and quality. If you fail to work in a group, try to derive your mistakes than giving up on the matter.

Constructive criticism

Ask any office employee and they know it. All work comes with the end result of criticism. It is rare where your entire work will be appreciated during your CA articleship span. In fact, you can be badly bashed on performing poorly during CA articleship. Do not give up losing hope here. Carefully count your steps next time and consider every criticism as the doorway to new learning.

Leadership abilities

As a junior executive, you will definitely be given small roles during your CA articleship. The standout is when out of these small roles you create a unique impression by performing well. While leaving the organization you are sure to be accredited for your extra dedication.


From the frame of school and college, CA articleship might be your first step to the professional world. Make complete use of this by building a good rapport with every member you meet. And when you took classes from Aaditya sir, all his links also come into your network

Office etiquette
The office is not composed of work only. There is much more to it and you can learn that only when you are a daily office goer. Your punctuality, physical appearance, communication skills, work hours, post-work schedule – all together composes your professional outlook. Do be careful to map this and consider it as a learning span.

Business terminologies

How we speak at home and how in-office differs. You are sure to see this difference once your CA article ship begins. Adapt to this new vocabulary and do imply the same in your talking as well. Aaditya sir also gives guidance towards your professional language and dressing sense.

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