How can anyone score a Rank in CA Exam, Can any faculty Give Guidance to get a Rank?

How can anyone score a Rank in CA Exam, Can any faculty Give Guidance to get a Rank?

If you want to score a Rank in CA exams, then you must have a burning desire of getting that at any cost. You must be willing to put in all the hard work that is required. Scoring rank in CA exams is not easy, but with consistent practice, hard work, and revision it is very much possible.
Recently One of CA Aaditya Jain sir’s students achieved Rank 1, Arjun Mehra. With a healthy talk with respected sir, he gave some advices to students, but the difficult part is the execution of advice he quote.

ABC Analysis

While reading divide your topics into the ABC category. There are also some teachers who provide guidance which are the most important topics which should be considered before your exam day, some have a 50-50 chance to come, and they should be completed during your second revision and the last is not important. Just read them once or twice.

At least two times revision

You need to read the entire syllabus at least two times before exams. Read the full course in your first reading and mark important questions or lines. And finally, when you are reading the second time you should focus mainly on the highlighted area which you did during your first revision.

Regularly revise theory subjects

Friends, a volume of time consumes by subjects like Audit and ISCA and a very short time is required they got flush from the brain if they are not revised regularly. It is very important to revise these subjects on a regular basis. Like a day in a week, you can choose to revise these subjects. And also revise in the night the whole thing which you have studied throughout the day. Give just 15 minutes to revision.

Prepare your own Handwritten short notes

As we all know the syllabus of the CA course is very vast. You cannot cover the entire syllabus in one day. But you will be able to perform in exam only up to that which you have revised. So, it’s very important to have short notes for revision on exam day and the best notes are only those which you have prepared for yourself. It will help you in revising things very quickly.

Clarity on concepts

If you have clarity on your concepts, then whatever the question will be you can solve it. So, always be regular in your classes and understand the concept in depth. And the day before the exam, you need to read the concept only. After you are done with the reading of the concept then you can move further with solving questions.

Don’t Skip the Institute’s Material

Most of the students commit such a mistake. It’s good to rely on your coaching material but completely skipping ICAI material is not appreciable.
Don’t be afraid, when you open ICAI material like Study Material or Practice Manual or RTP, MTP you will see that plenty of questions in such are already covered by your coaching material.

Mock Test Papers

Give the mock test papers conducted by ICAI, It is a compulsory thing to do. You will get a feeling that you are appearing in the exam. In this way, you can assess your weakness and strength and work on them accordingly. Get to know about your speed, work on managing your time in the final exam. Don’t be afraid of failing in the MTP’s. Because losing in the mock test papers is way better than losing in the Final examination.

Maintain a positive attitude

You must be surrounded by so many people who are worried about even getting past, but remember you are not one of them. People always try to pull you down or demotivate you. But you have the ability to create a history. Focus on your target only. You can do this.

Try to Attempt Every or maximum question in Exams

Each and every attempted question leaves an impact on the exam checker. You must attempt the questions on which you are confident. Try to attempt more questions and answer length should be based on the marks of that question.

These are a few tips that you can follow that can push you towards scoring a Rank. But at the end of the day, all these tips and advice will only work if you make it work, you execute the plan properly and put in all the efforts that are needed to get the work done, and score really good marks to score top rank in the exams.

Every teacher in CA Industry has not the ability to push students towards a rank, You may need a mentor who helps you to keep an eye on you until you complete all the tasks. And Only one faculty can do this work properly which is CA Aaditya Jain Sir.

CA Aaditya Jain sir is the best and No. 1 teacher of Finance all around the Country. He has a command over the subjects he teaches. Having experience of teaching a particular subject leads him to give their students proper and effective guidance. He also conducts a mock test for his students, from which they can measure how much more they need to do hard work. He always puts his students on top and clears all their doubts. You can choose him as your guide and he put all his efforts into getting you a Rank.

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  1. Nitesh Singh
    January 27, 2022

    Anyone can score a rank in CA exam like Aaditya sir’s students. His many students have scored very good marks and got AIR.

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