How to become an excellent Chartered Accountant?

If you want to become an excellent Chartered Accountant
Here are few tips
1. Find out what you really want in life and what is your passion, purpose, mission, goals etc.
2. Develop High Income Skills
3. Invest in Self-development
4. Learn from your mentor and shorten your learning curve
5. Create a business around what you really love
6. Use Social media to add value for business purposes

Professional growth is a never-ending process. Qualified CAs too have to do it. For this, you have to put yourself into the practice of being in the “loop of the things”.

How can you do it? Well, here are some ways suggested by CA Aaditya Jain.
1. Read the CA student journal delivered to your doorstep every month. Do meticulously go through the Industry updates.
2. Join a Facebook / Whatsapp group where the members are mutually benefitted through sharing professional updates.
3. Network with your peers who work in Big4s. Honestly speaking, there is no greater learning than peer learning.
5. Regularly update yourself through dedicated websites like CaClubindia, Chartered Club etc. Read through the articles published by working professionals in the industry and practicing senior professionals. Such articles will help you form an opinion about current industry issues.
6. Last but not least, read business newspapers. Personally prefer, Business Standard over Economic times. Read at least one Business newspaper of your liking thoroughly. Ask doubts. Explore answers. But never be satisfied. Keep on mining.
Professional development is a gradual evolvement. It takes time, not overnight stuff. Mingle with peers who are like-minded. Its acts as a trigger, personal experience.


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